Who is Wesley Fei from Hustler Casino Live? Meet the Poker Player "Wes Side"

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Wesley Fei playing poker at Hustler Casino Live.

Who is Wesley Fei from Hustler Casino Live? Meet the Poker Player "Wes Side"

Last updated: 2/18/2024

By: Michael Lee

Wesley Fei, also known as "Wes Side," has rapidly gained attention in the poker world due to his appearance on the popular Hustler Casino Live poker streaming show. Based in Los Angeles, Hustler Casino Live has grown in popularity, and Wesley has become one of its brightest stars, known for his entertaining character and aggressive playing style.

Having discovered poker only a few months before his rise to fame, Wesley started playing in local tournaments and cash games, swiftly making a name for himself in the Southern California poker scene. As a regular on the Hustler Casino Live Stream, he continues to gain recognition for his uncanny ability to read his opponents' moves and his memorable involvement in several high-stakes matches.

With his impressive introduction into the world of poker, Wesley Fei's journey will likely pique the interest of poker enthusiasts and casual observers alike, as they witness the rise of a potential new legend in the making.

Wesley Fei: The Man Behind the Poker Face

Early Life and Background

Wesley Fei, a recent addition to the world of poker, claims to have very little experience in the game. However, he has quickly gained recognition for his entertaining presence on Hustler Casino Live streams.

Wesley is originally from Chongqing, China but then later moved to the United States in June 2014 to study Computer Science at University of California Berkeley. After graduating with his B.S. in Computer Science in 2018, Wesley Fei began his journey as a cryptocurrency trader in various hedge funds and made millions of dollars on record.

Additional details about Wesley's childhood and early life remain relatively unknown, as he has primarily garnered attention for his poker and investment ventures.

Crypto Millionaire and Investor

Before embarking on his poker journey, Wesley enjoyed significant success in the world of cryptocurrencies. As the founder of IDC Financial, he reportedly lost millions in crypto investments but still emerged as a millionaire. Wesley's net worth is primarily attributed to his investments in cryptocurrencies, illustrating his prowess in this high-stakes field.

In 2021, it was revealed that Wesley Fei was a Top 15 cryptocurrency trader on the leaderboard of one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, Bitmex. He quickly grew a following among Chinese cryptocurrency enthusiasts across the internet for his apparent prowess in the new rising industry.

In addition to his financial success, Wesley has also started making a name for himself on the poker table. As a regular on Hustler Casino Live, he has attracted the attention of poker enthusiasts and professionals alike. On a 2022 Hustler Casino Live broadcast, during table talk Wesley Fei self-disclosed a net worth of $40 million.

Hustler Casino Live

Image Source: Michael Spain [Link]

The Platform and Its Popularity

Hustler Casino Live (HCL) is an innovative and widely popular poker streaming platform that has introduced the world to entertaining cash games played at the Hustler Casino. This rapidly growing live-streamed poker show features top professional poker players, as well as newcomers, showcasing their skills and providing endless entertainment for poker enthusiasts. Its success in captivating audiences has led to the platform emerging as a game-changer in the poker world.

With the increasing popularity of live streaming platforms, Hustler Casino Live stands out due to its unique format and the exciting personalities it brings to the poker table. The show has gained significant traction among poker fans and is now considered one of the must-watch poker events.

HCL's Relationship with Wesley Fei

As of 9/3/23, Wesley Fei is down -$922,990 over 599.50 hours of play on Hustler Casino Live.

Among the key personalities who have become popular through Hustler Casino Live is "Wes Side" Wesley Fei, a Chinese crypto millionaire who started playing poker just recently, first appearing on Hustler Casino Live "Episode 107" on January 12, 2022. Wesley Fei's entertaining character cemented his position as one of the fan favorites on the platform.

Hustler Casino Live has played a significant role in Wesley Fei's poker journey, providing him with a platform to showcase his talent and allowing him to rapidly gain recognition in the poker community. During his time on HCL, Wesley has demonstrated remarkable skill progression, leading to his success in various poker events, including the WSOP Main Event.

In conclusion, Hustler Casino Live has not only boosted the popularity of live-streamed poker games but also provided a platform for remarkable talents like Wesley Fei to emerge and thrive. With its impressive lineup of notable personalities and engaging content, the show continues to capture the attention of poker enthusiasts and contribute to the overall growth of the poker community.

Iconic Moments at Hustler Casino Live

The $3.1 Million Pot of Poker History

During a remarkable high-stakes poker session at the Hustler Casino in Gardena, California, an unforgettable hand took place. The entrepreneur and crypto millionaire Wesley Fei faced off against legendary player Tom Dwan in an intense round.

Amidst the action, Fei decided to run a daring triple-barreled bluff, attempting to force Dwan to fold. However, Dwan didn't back down and ultimately won the massive $3.1 million pot — one of the most significant in poker history.

Prior to this hand, Wesley Fei was up nearly $1 million at the time. In one hand, he wiped out all of his lifetime HCL winnings.

Pre-Million Dollar Game

Post-Million Dollar Game

Source: https://highrollpoker.com/tracker/players/1406

Biggest Wins and Bluffs

Hustler Casino Live, known for its popular livestream of thrilling poker games, has witnessed numerous impressive wins and bluffs over the years. Cryptocurrency prodigy Wesley Fei has been involved in various remarkable hands on the Hustler Casino Live stream, showcasing poise and determination that make him an exciting player to watch.

During the Million Dollar Game held at Hustler Casino Live, various players experienced pivotal wins and losses. Fei, for instance, put his poker skills to the test battling against players such as LSG Hank who lost a jaw-dropping $2.1 million pot.

In this nail-biting hand, Wesley Fei went all-in on the river with the Ace high flush with LSG Hank calling with pocket Queens. This hand occurred only about an hour after Wesley lost the $3.1 million pot against Tom Dwan, helping his recoup some of his earlier losses in the session.

Stories like these demonstrate the fast-paced, high-stakes action at Hustler Casino Live, attracting both seasoned players and spectators alike.

Fellow Players and Commentators

Jean-Robert Bellande and Alan Keating

Jean-Robert Bellande is a well-known poker professional and a popular figure around the poker table. He is recognized for his talkative nature and active playing style. Bellande made his debut appearance on Hustler Casino Live, which showcased his engaging personality and game involvement. Alongside Bellande, Alan Keating is another skilled poker player known for the insane action he brings as well as his reserved demeanor.

Left Source: PokerGO [Link] | Right Source: PokerNews [Link]

Ryan Feldman and Bart Hanson

Ryan Feldman and Bart Hanson are respected commentators within the world of poker. They provide insightful analysis and entertaining commentary during the live games on Hustler Casino Live, adding depth to the viewing experience. Hanson, together with David Tuchman, were the initial Live at the Bike commentators back in 2004, making their association with the poker community long-standing and well-regarded.

Together, these professionals contribute to the popularity of Hustler Casino Live. Their unique combination of skill sets, personalities, and knowledge enhances the show's appeal and creates an engaging atmosphere for poker enthusiasts and viewers alike.

Left Source: Alex Rome [Link] | Right Source: CrushLivePoker [Link]

Poker Streaming in the Digital Age

Poker streaming has become increasingly popular in recent years, transforming how poker enthusiasts engage with the game. Platforms such as Live at the Bike have played an instrumental role in this shift, offering viewers real-time access to high-stakes games and attracting significant YouTube subscribers.

One of the rising stars in the world of poker streaming is Wesley Fei, a crypto millionaire who has become a regular feature on Hustler Casino Live. Despite only recently beginning to play poker, Fei has quickly established himself as an entertaining character with a knack for the game.

In addition to Poker At The Lodge, various other poker streaming channels and platforms have emerged, catering to diverse audiences and showcasing different aspects of the game. This has led to an increase in the number of viewers tuning in to live poker events, as well as the number of poker players and enthusiasts seeking opportunities to feature on these streams.

The appeal of poker streaming lies in its ability to bring the drama, tension, and excitement of high-stakes games to viewers across the globe. Through the power of livestream technology, anyone with access to the internet can follow famous poker players, observe gameplay, and even interact with others in real-time. This near-instant connection has significantly enhanced the poker experience, fostering a strong sense of community among viewers and encouraging them to share insights and knowledge about the game.

Due to the increasing popularity of poker streams, more casinos are investing in livestream poker broadcasting facilities. Hustler Casino Live, for example, has garnered a loyal following and has even attracted notable poker players such as Wesley Fei. This trend has made poker more accessible and captivating for a larger audience, fueling further growth in the streaming industry.

In conclusion, the digital age has revolutionized poker streaming, making it a pivotal component of the modern poker scene. From platforms like Live at the Bike to personalities such as Wesley Fei on Hustler Casino Live, poker streaming has enriched the experience for viewers in a multitude of ways and shows no signs of slowing down.

Wesley Fei's Influence on Poker and Beyond

Image Source: Erik Fei [Link]

Wesley Fei, a crypto millionaire, has quickly gained popularity and become a fan favorite in the poker world, especially in Los Angeles. He is often seen on the Hustler Casino Live, a popular poker streaming platform based in California. According to PokerNews, Fei is a highly entertaining character who brings a unique energy to the table.

After losing $20 million in crypto investments back in 2021, Wesley decided to focus on poker, and it seems to be paying off. He has been regularly playing on the Hustler Casino Live stream, showcasing his skills and earning a reputation as an up-and-coming talent. A memorable moment from his poker journey took place when he went up against poker legends like Tom Dwan and Nick Vertucci in a 3.1 million-dollar poker hand.

With his aggressive play and witty banter, Wesley Fei has created a niche for himself in the world of poker, attracting the attention of viewers and fellow players alike. His background in cryptocurrency investing has influenced his unique playing style, as he often applies pressure on other players with his large stack, making them rethink their decisions.

Wesley Fei's impact on the poker world goes beyond the felt, as he uses his influence to promote the game and engage with fans on social media. He also collaborates with other poker enthusiasts like investor Benjamin Lee and Nik Airball, creating content that reaches thousands of viewers across multiple platforms. As a result, Wesley's presence has contributed to the growth of poker in Los Angeles and the wider California scene.

In terms of playing style, Wesley can be seen making big decisions with unconventional card combinations. For instance, he has been known to play hands like 7-6 off-suit and confidently betting on them. While it may seem risky, Wesley has proved that he can produce winning plays with a variety of hand combinations, including flopping straights with 7-6 and bluffing his opponents with five diamonds on the board.

Through his appearances on Hustler Casino Live, Wesley Fei has become an indispensable part of the modern poker scene. He has demonstrated that there's more to poker than just the fundamentals, showcasing an unorthodox, high-stakes approach that has resonated with both fans and fellow players.

Frequently Asked Questions

How did Wesley Fei accumulate his wealth?

Wesley Fei's net worth is $40 million. He confirmed this by self-disclosing this net worth figure in a 2022 HCL live broadcast. Wesley Fei's wealth can be attributed to his investments in cryptocurrencies, as well as his success on the poker table. He has been known to have a strong presence in the poker and crypto scene.

What is Wesley Fei's background in poker?

Wesley Fei, more commonly referred to as "Wesley", is considered one of poker's newest entertaining characters and rose to prominence through Hustler Casino Live. His first appearance on Hustler Casino Live "Episode 107" in January 12, 2022. As of 9/3/2023, Wesley has appeared on 112 sessions at Hustler Casino Live resulting with net winnings of -$922,990.00 over 599.50 hours of play.

See more detailed statistics on his full profile: https://highrollpoker.com/tracker/players/1406

Is there a connection between Wesley Fei and high stakes poker?

Yes, there is. Wesley Fei has been seen participating in high-stakes poker games on Hustler Casino Live streams, showcasing his skills and unique personality in the process.

What is the story behind Wesley's poker bluff?

While specific bluffs cannot be pinpointed, Wesley Fei has been known to make bold plays and engage in entertaining antics during his time on Hustler Casino Live. One of his most notable moments includes winning the value of a moderately-sized house in a memorable session with multiple high-stakes pots.

Are there any notable records held by Wesley Fei?

Wesley Fei holds the record of participating in the largest pot in the history of televised poker. The total pot size exceeded $3.1 million against professional poker player Tom Dwan. Tom Dwan won the hand by hero-calling Wesley's bluff all-in on the river with a pair of Queens.

Does Wesley Fei have a public social media presence?

Wesley Fei has a large presence on Twitter where he mainly talks about his ventures into high stakes poker as well as cryptocurrency. You can follow him on his social media pages here:

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