Who is Mikki Mase from Hustler Casino Live? Net Worth And Youth Origins

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Mikki Mase seated in a private jet, on his way to a casino to gamble.

Who is Mikki Mase from Hustler Casino Live? Net Worth And Youth Origins

Last updated: 2/18/2024

By: Michael Lee

What if we told you there’s a man who claims to have cracked the code to beat baccarat and has self-reported to have made millions doing so? This man goes by the name of Mikki Mase, a controversial professional gambler known for his extravagant lifestyle and celebrity encounters.

His story is filled with baccarat success, poker pursuits, and even a connection to NASCAR racing. So, is Mikki Mase the real deal or just another scammer? In this blog post, we’ll take you on a journey to uncover the truth behind the man who calls himself the master of baccarat.

Short Summary

  • Mikki Mase is a self-proclaimed baccarat mastermind who has claimed to have earned millions in winnings and gained fame for his success stories.

  • His baccarat strategy involves reverse engineering the game, analyzing weaknesses, maintaining a large bankroll and using his "secret" algorithm to dominate baccarat.

  • He rose to the attention of the poker community after appearing on popular livestream cash game shows such as Hustler Casino Live and Live At The Bike.

  • We dive into Reddit discussion threads from where users were able to identify Mikki Mase as someone they knew from the Monmouth County area from their youth years, sharing their insights on his true background.

Mikki Mase: His Real Identity And Background

Mikki Mase, also known as the “Dirty Goth Boi", is originally from Malboro, New Jersey and was born on Oct 27, 1991. His real name is Michael David Meiterman, but went as "Mike" in his earlier years. Throughout high school to his early 20's, Mikki was arrested more than a dozen times for his outlandish behavior which caused himself to get distanced from his close friend groups and family.

Mikki's Youth Life

In a discussion thread on Reddit, Mikki was identified by many from the Monmouth County, New Jersey area as someone that they either knew personally years ago or someone that they've heard about through mutual friends.

Despite coming from a wealthy background, he was a troubled kid that had issues relating to drug use and criminal mischief. He was arrested over a dozen times from high school to his early 20's, and was eventually was sent to live with his grandparents after his parents struggled to control his behavior.

The Rise to Fame

Mikki Mase’s rise to fame can be attributed to his alleged baccarat mastery and penchant for high-stakes gambling. He hit the radar of many after posting flashy pictures of his highroller lifestyle in Las Vegas, betting hundreds of thousands of dollars on a single baccarat hand.

Disputes began to rise on whether Mikki is being actually truthful on his ability to beat the games, despite him stating that he showed as much evidence as he possibly could that he is the most banned individual in Las Vegas due to him consistently beating the house.

Baccarat Success Stories

Mikki Mase’s claimed success in baccarat is nothing short of astounding. In his betting career, he has claimed to have made millions of dollars in a single session. He also claims to have even created a winning algorithm that has earned him a reputation as one of the top Baccarat players in the gambling world. Among his most notable wins is an incredible $11,526,000 at the baccarat table in one go.

Additionally, in a 2023 interview that released from Soft White Underbelly, he claimed to have made $32 million from just three years of his advantage play at Las Vegas casinos.

These jaw-dropping winnings are just a glimpse into the world of Mikki Mase, a man who has seemingly cracked the code to beat baccarat. Disputes have been made in recent years regarding the validity of the "evidence" Mase has brought forward to prove his winning track record at these games. For example, members of the Reddit Poker forum dissected an image Mikki posted of a cashier's check in anticipation of the Hustler Casino Live Million Dollar Cash Game in May 2023.

"The check was either counterfeit or at least pre Q2 2021/No good. A money laundering analyst posted saying the lady's signature represented on the the Chase bank check hadn’t held that position since 2021, and now current bank checks drawn from Chase since then have a new guys signature as he now holds that position. Kid is 100% a bullshit artist."

- u/Snoo10960

One day before the Million Dollar Cash Game was set for production at Hustler Casino Live, Mikki withdrew from the game stating a "breach of contract terms" by Ryan Feldman, the Executive Producer of HCL.

Celebrity Encounters

Mikki Mase’s celebrity life is as intriguing as his gambling career. From encounters with famous personalities to a high-stakes lifestyle filled with parties and gambling, Mikki Mase has truly embraced his fame and fortune.

Mikki Mase has been pictured with various celebrities, adding to his mystique and fame. Some of the famous personalities he’s been spotted with include Adam22, Ryan Garcia, and Phora. On one of his Instagram posts, he claims to even have helped rapper Lil Baby win $250,000 playing baccarat. To his credit, he is seen in a video on his Instagram page with the famous rapper who corroborated the details of the story.

Living the High-Stakes Lifestyle

Mikki Mase’s high-stakes lifestyle is a topic hard to ignore. He is openly seen partying, gambling, and showcasing his wealth on social media, often posting pictures of his extravagant lifestyle and winnings. He uses this image to attract that attention of celebrities and wealthy followers in order to "cut them in" on his secrets to gambling success.

Poker Pursuits

Mikki Mase is no stranger to the poker scene, having started playing at a low-limit live poker at his local cardroom. He stated on the Nick Vertucci podcast that he initially played $5/5 No Limit Hold'em without even knowing the basic rules. Over time, he grew a liking to the strategy and math behind poker and started to become more involved in the game. He admitted to being a consistent losing player at the beginning, but saw a long-term opportunity to master the theory behind poker.

Despite this, his pursuits as a poker player further demonstrate his love for the game and his willingness to take on different challenges such as the nosebleed action at Hustler Casino Live.

Mikki Mase's livestream cash game poker winnings breakdown by location.

In our tracker database, we have Mikki Mase currently down -$938,950 across 49 hours of play.

However, it's important to note that this is far too small of a sample to come to any real statistical conclusions. Despite this, the consensus among viewers is that his poker skill level is not one of a winning player.

Mikki Mase and Las Vegas Casinos: A Love-Hate Relationship

Mikki Mase’s relationship with Las Vegas casinos is nothing short of turbulent. From being banned from several establishments due to his baccarat skills, to accusing casinos of cheating, Mikki Mase has had his fair share of conflicts with casino owners. Despite these controversies, his success in gambling and his refusal to back down in the face of adversity have only added to his fame and mystique.

Mikki Mase is a living legend in the casino world, and his story is one of a kind.

Casino Bans and Controversies

Mikki Mase has been banned from several casinos due to his impressive baccarat skills and allegations of cheating. As a result, he’s earned a reputation as a controversial figure in the casino industry. These bans and controversies only serve to fuel the intrigue around Mikki Mase, leaving many to wonder about the truth behind his claims and his relationship with Las Vegas casinos.

On multiple occasions, Mikki Mase has exposed instances of casino cheating, leading to further tension between him and the gambling establishments. In one instance, he accused a casino of showing incorrect information on their computer system after hands were played, which resulted in him being banned from the premises.

Debunking Scam Rumors: Is Mikki Mase Legit?

Rumors of scams have surrounded Mikki Mase, casting doubt on his legitimacy as a professional gambler. So, what is the truth behind these scam rumors, and how has Mikki set the record straight?

Scam Accusations

Accusations of scams and fraud have been levied against Mikki, with some even claiming that Mikki scammed his way to the top. However, no concrete evidence has been found to support these claims. Despite the rumors, Mikki has continued to seemingly dominate the gambling scene, amassing a fortune through his alleged baccarat mastery and high-stakes gambling.

What we can say, however, is that the game of Baccarat cannot be beat through any sort of strategy. Any future attempts that he may make to sell a course or a strategy that claims to beat the game of Baccarat should be viewed with extreme caution.

However, the lack of proof for the existing scam accusations only serves to fuel the intrigue and fascination surrounding Mikki Mase and his gambling career.

Attempts To Set the Record Straight

To debunk the scam rumors and prove his legitimacy, Mikki provided proof of his winnings to YouTuber Spencer Cornelia, who initially approached him with skepticism.

During their meeting, Mikki showed Cornelia a live tour of his casino account, tax statements, and even let him scroll through the direct messages on his phone to show the attention he receives from women. At the end of the interview, Cornelia admitted that he had become a believer in Mikki Mase’s claims.

This evidence, combined with the lack of concrete proof to support the scam accusations, suggests that Mikki is indeed a legitimate professional gambler.

Mikki's Net Worth: Unveiling the Fortune

Mikki Mase’s net worth is estimated to be in the millions, with earnings from his gambling exploits and various business ventures contributing to his fortune.

His impressive baccarat winnings, combined with his success in other casino games and investments in businesses such as rehab clinics and pharmacies, have enabled Mikki to amass a considerable fortune.

So, just how much is Mikki worth?

Wealthy Family Background

Based on his social media posts and analyst speculations, his gambling earnings from a variety of casino games such as Baccarat and Roulette is estimated to be at least $8,450,000.

His self-reported millions won playing baccarat and other games have contributed to his impressive fortune, which he uses to showcase his ability to beat the odds.

Users the poker subreddit from the New Jersey area who verified through old images of themselves and a young Mikki Mase revealed information regarding his family wealth situation. Two separate members who claimed to once know him pre-fame stated that his grandfather was a very wealthy real estate developer and that his parents owned a few pharmacies.

When he grandfather passed when Mikki was in his 20's, he started to invest in his business ventures and money making schemes. An inheritance is a possible explanation for what got Mikki started with a proper bankroll to begin his lifestyle.

Personal Business Ventures

In addition to his casino earnings, Mikki has claimed to have built a fortune through successful business ventures. He has stated on interviews that he founded a number of pharmacies, rehabs, and clinical laboratories, and has ventured into other business areas like real estate and tech startups.

A few individuals who identified him as someone they knew years ago in the Monmouth County, New Jersey area have shared doubts on how believable his entrepreneurial ventures were.

However, it's important to consider that people can change over time. Meaning, while he may have been an unlikely candidate from his childhood mischiefs, it's very possible that he successfully transformed himself into a sharp businessman.

These investments, along with his impressive winnings, may have enabled Mikki to amass a considerable fortune and live a life of luxury.


Mikki Mase is a professional gambler who has made a name for himself with his purported mastery of baccarat, poker pursuits, and celebrity encounters. Despite rumors of scams and controversies with Las Vegas casinos, he has managed to amass a large following through display of his flashy high-stakes gambler lifestyle on social media.

Our final verdict is that Mikki came from a wealthy background and is living a life of riches. He may very well have won in gambling over the course of his life, but it was not due to any advantage play or skill. He's been caught in false statements in the past, and those who have known him in previous stages of his life knew him as a pathological liar.

While it's possible that he's changed significantly as a person since then, it's still unlikely that he has a magical Baccarat system that won him millions of dollars due to the system itself. He seems like an overall down-to-earth individual, but the massive claims he's made over the past few years are wildly improbable given the facts available to us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Baccarat Mikki's real name?

His real name is Michael David Meiterman, but went as "Mike" in his earlier years. He now goes by Mikki Mase or “Dirty Goth Boi" on social media.

Where is Mikki Mase from?

Mikki Mase, also known as the “Dirty Goth Boi", is originally from Malboro, New Jersey and was born on Oct 27, 1991. Public records from previous arrests in his youth verify this information to be true.

Is Mikki Mase legit?

No. From our thorough analysis of Mikki Mase's background and wild claims he's made regarding his ability to beat the game of Baccarat, we cannot say he legitimately won all of his money from Baccarat. Baccarat is a game invented by casinos with a built-in house edge that cannot be circumvented through any sort of strategy.

How did Mikki Mase get his Money?

Mikki Mase claims to have started out playing Baccarat with a $500 stake and eventually worked his way up to betting $250,000 per hand. He claims that achieving consistent winnings has put him at odds with larger casino groups.

He states that he was able to do this by mastering the casino game, and understanding the odds, which allowed him to make calculated decisions and maximize his earnings.

Our research indicates that he came from a wealthy background in the Monmouth County, New Jersey area with parents involved in the pharmaceutical business as well as grandparents who were large real estate developers. An inheritance is a much more likely explanation for his lifestyle rather than a magical baccarat betting system that made him millions.

How much did Mikki Mase win in poker?

Mikki Mase has net winnings of -$938,950 across both Hustler Casino Live and Live At The Bike over 49 hours of recorded play. To view more detailed stats for his performance in livestream cash games, check out his profile here: https://highrollpoker.com/tracker/players/158

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