Joey Ingram Makes Big Return With 2023 Garrett Adelstein Interview

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Joey Ingram makes big return to poker world with Garrett Adelstein 2023 interview.

Joey Ingram Makes Big Return With 2023 Garrett Adelstein Interview

Last updated: 2/18/2024

By: Michael Lee

Legendary poker YouTuber and podcaster Joey Ingram announced a big return to the poker world after nearly a year of complete radio silence online. The public reception of this announcement was overwhelmingly positive, but still left fans wondering about what he's been up to all this time and what we can expect to see from him in the near future. According to his most recent replies on X (Formerly Twitter), there are a number of partnerships he's been working on behind the scenes that he will be publicizing soon.

Joey ingram return tweet, unprivates X (Formerly Twitter) account.

His return comes with some big announcements including a guest appearance as the lead commentator at Garrett Adelstein's first return livestream cash game at Bally's Live on December 13, 2023. This is following a 14-month layoff since the Robbi Jade Lew cheating scandal that took place in October 2022. Additionally, Joey released a brand new 2023 interview with Garrett Adelstein, marking the first interview he's published on his main YouTube channel in nearly a year.

Joey Ingram announces released new Garrett Adelstein Interview 2023 on X (Formerly Twitter).

With Joey Ingram's announcements of his return as a commentator at Bally Live's Garrett Adelstein comeback event, as well as his brand new episode of the Poker Life Podcast, it's safe to say that he's back (at least for the time being).

Highlights from Joey Ingram's Return Garrett Adelstein Interview

The full interview can be seen on Joey Ingram's main YouTube channel, but here's a few excerpts detailing some of the hardest hitting questions.

Joey Ingram: "Going from one of the most celebrated players on the shows, to overnight one of the most hated players on discussion forums online... How has that been like to go through?"

Joey Ingram: "Why did it take 14 months for you to make a return? You knew you could get in any of the other high stakes livestream lineups [at The Lodge and Bally's Live]."

Joey Ingram: "Don't lie, you watched Santhosh lose $1 million during Super High Stakes Week [Hustler Casino Live] and thought to yourself 'I have to get back in there'. There's some FOMO [Fear of missing out] going on right?"

Full version of the 30-minute interview can be seen here:‎‎

Garrett's Big Return To Livestream Cash Games

After a nearly 14 month layoff following the Robbi Jade Lew cheating scandal, Garrett Adelstein has come public with plans to make a few scheduled guest appearances on high stakes livestreams over the coming week.

Below is a list of known high stakes livestream cash game events Garrett will be participating in.

December 13, 2023 4:00 PM PDT - Bally's Live Poker

Where: [Bally's Live Poker Livestream Link]

Stakes: $200/400

Minimum Buy-In: $100,000

Known Lineup: Patrik Antonius, Garrett Adelstein, Eric Persson, Charles Yu

December 15, 2023 4:30 PM PDT - WPT Global

Where: [WPT Global Livestream Link]

Stakes: $300/600

Minimum Buy-In: $100,000

Known Lineup: Garrett Adelstein, Andrew Robl, Santhosh Suvarna, Bob Bright, more TBD.

Garrett's Adelstein's Previous Livestream Cash Game Results

It's no secret that Garrett Adelstein is one of the most successful players to ever enter the livestream poker arena. Prior to leaving the poker world in September 2022, Adelstein held Rank #1 in Net Winnings on both Live At The Bike and Hustler Casino Live- out earning the next highest winner on HCL by a margin of over $800,000. In our All-Time TV Cash Game List, Garrett Adelstein stands at Rank #5 with total net winnings surpassing $2.1 million.

Garrett Adelstein's Hustler Casino Live Ranking Prior to October 22, 2022View the full Hustler Casino Live leaderboard here:

Garrett Adelstein's Live At The Bike Ranking Prior to October 22, 2022View the full Live At The Bike (old) leaderboard here:

Garrett Adelstein's highly anticipated return will be a pleasant surprise for those who have been waiting to see him back in the mix. To view extended livestream cash game statistics and results on Garrett Adelstein, click here.


With Joey Ingram and Garrett Adelstein's simultaneous returns to the world of poker, fans around the world can be assured that every day there will be new information that surfaces to be excited for.

Find Joey Ingram here:

Find Garrett Adelstein here:

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